An absolutely fantastic day! I’ve already shared with you my intense reaction to the housing expo that I experienced with former President Clinton, Haitian President Martelly and Wyclef Jean – such tangible proof of the potential of Haiti and the promise of a better tomorrow. If you haven’t yet read my thoughts on the expo, I invite you to read my earlier blog post HERE.

Haiti being the exciting country that it is, the housing expo was only one of the items on my agenda for the day. I also brought my team and a journalist to Bel-Air to see the work of the Horn Artisans – such a brilliant example of the kind of transformation that is possible for Haiti. Bel-Air is one of the roughest cities in Haiti, and yet, in its midst are exceedingly talented artists. It was so encouraging to come back and see the progress of the Horn Artisans, with the support of our friends at the Hand/Eye Fund they now have a roof over their heads and proper sanitation. The work we are doing with the Horn Artisans is remarkable and we continue to sell out of their jewelry.

Next we were off to visit our friends Magalie and Joel Dresse at Caribbean Craft, to check in on the development of our beautiful paper mache bags. Not only were the bags beautiful, I was so amazed to see the paper mache pedestals and body forms that Magalie created for the artisan event in just one day. Next we were off to the iron market to prepare for the artisan event, “Hommage Aux Doyens De L’Artisans,” the main reason for our trip to Haiti.

Photos by Fabiola Coupet, Caroline Sada, Isabel Encinias and Marni Lewis

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