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This Week’s Community Highlights

This week, community members discussed the wonderful experiences they’ve had teaching yoga to children. From warrior poses to singing meditation, elementary students in @cookeegirll’s class absolutely love the exercises as… Read more »

A Sacred Place to Commemorate 9/11

With the healing sounds of rhythmic gonging reverberating through the studio, the Urban Zen Center was transformed into a sacred place on Sunday morning, in memoriam of the September 11th… Read more »

Remembering 9/11

September 11th means so much to me, on so many different levels. It’s seems like yesterday. What happened has been indented into our souls. I will never forget. No one… Read more »

This Week’s Community Highlights!

This week, we learned about our community’s favorite celebrity meditators. Twitter friends such as @cath439 and @TheDudeJonathan recommended books and projects by high-profile meditators such as Goldie Hawn, whose Mindup… Read more »

A Whirlwind of Inspiration

What an extraordinary couple of weeks! The Urban Zen Center has been a hive of activity with one outstanding event after another. In just ten days we’ve had the Veuve… Read more »