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A Conversation with Patricia Arquette: An exercise in Giving Love

Recently, Urban Zen had a fantastic opportunity to connect and collaborate with Patti Hansen and Patricia Arquette to distribute survival bags to women living in tent camps in Haiti. The project was borne out of an inspired conversation that our founder, Donna Karan, had with her long-time friend Patti Hansen. Patti and Molly Madden recently… Read more »

Experiencing Haiti through Donna’s Eyes

“I love being an ambassador for Haiti and taking new people on my journeys is very exciting for me. There is nothing I love more than showing people Haiti through a new lens. You can’t not be inspired.” – Donna Karan On Donna’s most recent trip to Haiti she took with her a crew of… Read more »

The Children for Children Haiti Project: Holiday Greetings

“When something is made by hand, you feel the soul that went into it.” – Donna Karan We couldn’t agree with these words from our founder more, and these hand-drawn holiday cards portray this sentiment beautifully. As a part of our Children for Children Haiti Project kids from the Rudolf Steiner School in NYC created… Read more »

This Week’s Community Highlights!

This week, conversations with @Urban_Zen spanned the whole spectrum of our initiatives. We asked our members if there was a time when they responded with understanding rather than with anger. @thepathtochange learned about empathy from his experience witnessing mistreatment of the mentally ill. @sunnycoastbb shared with us her painful experience with an abusive partner, learning… Read more »

Celebrating Haitian Artistry In the Hamptons

Over the last few months I have shared with you my heart for Haiti – my love of the people, the artisans, the creativity, the country. Well, summer is here and I am bringing Haiti to the Hamptons. We have so many extraordinary developments to share with you and I encourage you to come and… Read more »

Apple Awards Includes Stunning Performance

Last night the first ever Stephan Weiss Apple Awards was held at the Urban Zen Center. It was a gorgeous celebration of our founder, Donna Karan’s, late husband, Stephan Weiss, who passed away ten years ago after a courageous battle with lung cancer. There are so many beautiful moments that we want to share with… Read more »

A Moment of Peace and Quiet

What a week…and I thought Fashion Week was intense! I now have to call Urban Zen – Urban Chaos with everything that is going on this week! I am on the Spirit of New York Ferry headed to Governor’s Island to visit the site of the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. It jogged my memory that… Read more »


DAY 5 To me, children are everything. Their spirit, their energy, their purity, their creativity. Especially in a place like Haiti, where suffering is everywhere you look. We celebrate the opening day of St. Damien’s School, which is only grade 7 for now. Like St. Luke Children’s hospital, the school is supported by Paul Haggis… Read more »


Today, many artisans come to meet with us at our hotel, The Karbie in Port Au Prince. Nothing makes me happier than working with artisans. And this was a particularly great group: Christelle Paul who designs horn jewelry; Joelle Bonay, an amazingly talented silk scarf painter who I met on our last trip and whose… Read more »


We drive to Leogane, which is the stone-carving community where Urban Zen’s “Million Hearts for Haiti” come from. The people and their work is breathtaking. Raw, simple and expressive. Everyone there is eager to learn and help any way they can. We give them an inspiration and, minutes later, they come back to us with… Read more »