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Twitter Party with Elizabeth Lesser, Co-Founder of the Omega Institute

DATE: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 TIME: 11AM-11:30AM EST LOCATION: Twitter Ask Elizabeth: Live Q & A with the Inspirational Co-Founder of the Omega Institute For more than 35 years Elizabeth has worked with leading figures in the fields of healing—healing self and healing society. This experience has cultivated within her an immense wealth of wisdom… Read more »

GLBL YOGA on the Great Lawn

The Urban Zen Foundation is honored to be a part of GLBL YOGA‘s remarkable yoga event happening on August 16, 2012. On that day, GLBL YOGA will turn Central Park’s Great Lawn into the world’s largest yoga studio. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers will be united by the practice of yoga, led by world-renowned… Read more »

Brainwave: A refreshing take on the mind, body, spirit connection

Recently we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Rubin Museum for their innovative well-being series Brainwave, which brought people from diverse walks of life together to engage with neuroscientists in one-on-one conversations in order to better understand the workings of our minds. It was an honor for the Urban Zen team to participate in… Read more »

Supporting our May Ambassador: No Mother’s Day Campaign

This month we are proud to partner with our Ambassador, Christy Turlington Burns, to help raise awareness and inspire change for all mothers everywhere. This Mother’s Day, we invite you to align with Christy and her foundation, Every Mother Counts, as they launch a social issue campaign designed to raise awareness about the hundreds of… Read more »

A Conversation with Tim McHenry, Producer at the Rubin Museum of Art

Tim McHenry, producer at the Rubin Museum of Art since 2003, has been active in the arts for decades, beginning at the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland and the Zurich Opera in Switzerland. As artistic director of the Armistice Festival (1988) he also edited an anthology The Lost Voices of World War I, published by… Read more »

The Survival Bag Project – The Story Continues

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, the Urban Zen Foundation launched The Truth – a multimedia cultural exhibition at Urban Zen Center as part of the foundation’s Hope Help & Relief Haiti initiative. Because of our commitment to amplify the work of like-minded organizations, we named Partners in Health, Yele Haiti, Project MediShare, Real Medicine, JP… Read more »

Dr. Christiane Northrup on Letting Food Inspire

“Food is the most intimate thing you can buy…Unlike clothes and shoes that dress the outside, food goes into your body and builds who you become.” — Ani Phyo I love this quote. It is the essence of what I mean when I talk about eating to flourish. Think about it and let it sink… Read more »

March Ambassador – Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Urban Zen is delighted to have Christiane Northrup, M.D, as our ambassador for the month of March. In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting than Dr. Northrup to collaborate with as we come together and center our thoughts and energies around the collective community of… Read more »

A Letter from Kris Carr to All Self-Healers

Last weekend I crawled out of my writing cave, dolled up and headed to NYC for Dr. Mark Hyman’s book launch at Donna Karan’s apartment. It was meteoric. MD star-studded. I was in heaven! Glamour + revolution = pinch me hard, like bruising hard. As many of you know, Dr. Mark Hyman is the founder… Read more »

This Week’s Community Highlights: Discussing the Importance of Meditation

The importance of meditation was this week’s thread of commonality for the Urban Zen community. We tweeted the quote, “Any action done with awareness is #meditation,” and asked, “Do you agree? Or, should meditation require more ritual?” Friends such as @viltwitt and @SacredFoodGuru responded by sharing their thoughts on the expansiveness of meditation and how… Read more »