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Rodney Yee on Life as a Father

My life started over again the moment each child was born. With every birth, I was propelled into a new universe where love, commitment, responsibility and fear took on radically larger proportions. For me, I could never have imagined what… Read more »

Jennifer Owens on Experiencing the UZIT Program

My Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) experience as a practitioner and patient, simultaneously, has led to deeper understanding of my body and its capabilities and the need for loving-kindness from within. Though short lived, my time as a UZIT student… Read more »

The UZIT Experience of Bringing Hope to Haiti

By Keely Garfield I am returning to Haiti, this time in the role of group leader for Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT), Clinical Rotation #5. As it turns out, we are an international cast of intrepids, hailing from Curacao, Argentina,… Read more »

A Gift to the Community

by Luana DeAngelis-Halpern, Founder/President of You Can Thrive! You Can Thrive! provides a weekly forum for community members to volunteer to help their neighbors with breast cancer receive access to integrative care, “when they need it most and can afford… Read more »

Urban Zen on the West Coast: UZITs at UCLA

The video above captures our Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program’s collaboration with the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, a partnership that is so important to me. At the moment, I am back in L.A. and I’ve just had a truly… Read more »

A Sacred Place to Commemorate 9/11

With the healing sounds of rhythmic gonging reverberating through the studio, the Urban Zen Center was transformed into a sacred place on Sunday morning, in memoriam of the September 11th attacks that devastated the country one decade ago. Donna Karan… Read more »