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This Week’s Community Highlights: Discussing the Importance of Meditation

The importance of meditation was this week’s thread of commonality for the Urban Zen community. We tweeted the quote, “Any action done with awareness is #meditation,” and asked, “Do you agree? Or, should meditation require more ritual?” Friends such as @viltwitt and @SacredFoodGuru responded by sharing their thoughts on the expansiveness of meditation and how… Read more »

Experience the Creative Spirit of Haiti at Urban Zen

This week is all about celebrating the creative spirit of Haiti and sharing Haiti’s brilliant artisans with the fashion community. It’s Fashion Week and the city is buzzing with artistic ingenuity – the perfect opportunity to really unveil the extraordinary collaboration between Urban Zen Foundation and Haiti. My work in Haiti has inspired every project… Read more »

Tina Brown Launches the Women in The World Foundation

Last night was remarkable. In the midst of chaotic Fashion Week, Tina Brown brought together incredible women for the kick-off gala of her Women in the World Foundation, which is the evolution of her very inspired Women in the World Summit Series. I was honored to participate in the evening as a co-host, where I… Read more »