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Benedict Lekanapal: Radiant Child

We are happy to welcome back The Thorn Tree Project, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to help educate the children of traditional nomadic families in Northern Samburu. This Thursday June 6th, The Thorn Tree Project will be hosting their annual African… Read more »

The Children for Children Haiti Project

Often, our Founder Donna Karan, will speak about her vision for education; about her belief that true learning must expand beyond just reading, writing and arithmatic to include the mind, body and spirit. Children need tactile, experiential learning; they need… Read more »

Facing a Generation of Lost Children

by Deborra-lee Furness People say I am an, “adoption advocate,” but the truth is I am a kid advocate. I would love for the word “adoption” not to be a part of our vocabulary, along with disease, war and poverty…. Read more »

This Week’s Community Highlights!

This week, conversations with @Urban_Zen spanned the whole spectrum of our initiatives. We asked our members if there was a time when they responded with understanding rather than with anger. @thepathtochange learned about empathy from his experience witnessing mistreatment of… Read more »

A Conversation with Shelley Clay

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down with Shelley Clay, founder of the Apparent Project, a Haitian nonprofit that translates beautiful artisan beadwork into sustainable jobs so that parents can provide care for their children. Shelley’s beautiful jewelry is… Read more »

#FF Follow Our Winners for the 2011 WIE Symposium!

Since we announced the winners of the WIE Symposium contest, these lovely ladies have become key members of our online community. They share their beliefs and values as well as engage with others with thoughtfulness and kindness. It warms our… Read more »

September Community Ambassador – Andre Charles

At first glance, you may mistake Andre Charles as simply another street artist. However, this Bronx native has done something extraordinary with his graffiti. He has earned the respect of bourgeois culture. The New York Times has spotlighted his career,… Read more »