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A Conversation with Tim McHenry, Producer at the Rubin Museum of Art

Tim McHenry, producer at the Rubin Museum of Art since 2003, has been active in the arts for decades, beginning at the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland and the Zurich Opera in Switzerland. As artistic director of the Armistice Festival (1988) he also edited an anthology The Lost Voices of World War I, published by… Read more »

Amazing Grace: A UZIT Experience in Haiti

by Mae Sakharov My personal journey with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (UZIT) training began in 2008 when I read an article about the program in the New York Times. I was immediately drawn to the cross-disciplinary approach, focusing on self-care and integrating ancient healing techniques to complement the best in modern medicine. Donna Karan,… Read more »

The UZIT Experience of Bringing Hope to Haiti

By Keely Garfield I am returning to Haiti, this time in the role of group leader for Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT), Clinical Rotation #5. As it turns out, we are an international cast of intrepids, hailing from Curacao, Argentina, Quebec, and London all by way of New York naturellement! This will prove crucial as… Read more »

The Children for Children Haiti Project

Often, our Founder Donna Karan, will speak about her vision for education; about her belief that true learning must expand beyond just reading, writing and arithmatic to include the mind, body and spirit. Children need tactile, experiential learning; they need to learn from their relationships and from diverse cultures and people groups. It is with… Read more »

This Week’s Community Highlights: Celebrating Beauty

Appreciating beauty is weaved into the fabric of the Urban Zen philosophy; we see it in the diversity of cultures, the wonder of travel, the insight of children, the path of healing and in the design our of products. This week, we were delighted to touch on the topic of beauty with our online community.

UZIT Reflections on Haiti

Keely Garfield recently returned from Haiti where she was working on behalf of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) program along with fellow UZIT Leadership Team members Stephen Kolbert, Peggy Peloquin, and Mae Sakharov. Here, we invite you to read about Keely’s experience bringing healing to Haiti: Landing at the Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport at… Read more »

This Week’s Community Highlights!

This week, conversations with @Urban_Zen spanned the whole spectrum of our initiatives. We asked our members if there was a time when they responded with understanding rather than with anger. @thepathtochange learned about empathy from his experience witnessing mistreatment of the mentally ill. @sunnycoastbb shared with us her painful experience with an abusive partner, learning… Read more »

Experiencing Past, Present & Future in Berlin

Berlin, Day 1: After we had safely arrived in Germany (after a rather dramatic flight in a lightening storm), we immediately went to check on the set up for the Nomad Two World exhibition at a gorgeous landmarked building in Berlin called Alte Munze. Once there, we were greeted by Ute Hartien and Benjamin Jäger,… Read more »

Summer: an Exercise in Finding the Calm in the Chaos

It has been a restorative season and as summer winds down, I am spending my time enjoying the last moments of sunshine while I gear up for an exciting and full fall calendar. My passion for preserving culture has been renewed and amplified by my recent trip to Haiti where I saw the results of… Read more »