What the World Needs Now


TED is one of the most exciting things I do, and as a creative director, I look forward to the insight and heart that’s shared at this event. The theme this February 9 to 13 was “What the World Needs Now,” which is, in truth, something of a rethink. There were 12 main sessions, in categories ranging from mindshift, imagination, invention, provocation and simplicity. Here’s a highlight from TED 2010. In the words of Chris Anderson, “I invite you to immerse yourself in four days of outside-the-box thinking; to dream, to hope, to get just a little bit excited.”

Chip Conley creates joyful hotels and what an extraordinary heart this hotelier has.  He creates intellectual, open-hearted discussion on caring not just for the customer, but his staff and investors, to help them realize their true potential.

David Rockwell draws on his love of drama and spectacle to create fantastic, high-impact restaurants, malls, airline terminals, theater sets – and pop-up imagination playgrounds. I leave a mini set of his children’s playground in the office for people to interact with, and learn.

Eve Ensler believes that there is a girl cell in all of us, and that girl has an astonishing strength. She created the ground-breaking Vagina Monlogues, whose success propelled to her found V-Day – a movement to end violence against women and girls everywhere. Talk about an iconic women’s activist. When she engages and speaks, she brings the house down.
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Jake Shimabukuro is on a mission to revolutionize our perception of the ukulele and make the world a more peaceful place. He’s divine, and got and the new Eric from the last TED conference. He’s also the spokesperson for Music is Good Medicine, a community outreach program that promotes healthy living through music.