Voice Of the Soldier

“Embrace the warrior regardless of the war” was the sentiment passionately shared by presenters and 400 audience members last night at Urban Zen Center. Soldiers, their families, medical experts, college professors and philanthropists joined their voices and hearts last night in the launch of Operation Warrior Wellness NYC, a collaboration between Urban Zen Foundation and David Lynch Foundation.

Donna Karan and film director, David Lynch partner with their philanthropic foundations to provide a path to wellness for NYC-based soldiers diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PYSD). Urban Zen will provide trained UZITs to offer soldiers and their care-givers several integrative therapies including yoga therapy, Reiki and essential oil therapy while David Lynch Foundation will provide personalized instruction in Transcendental Meditation.

Donna spoke passionately about her commitment to healing our military. “Meditation is definitely the key to opening our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits to create change within. It’s such an amazing honor to have David Lynch here at Urban Zen Center to announce the collaboration of Operation Warrior Wellness NYC. There is no other project possible that I can image to open our hearts, our spirit and our love for each and every person dealing with PTSD, especially our soldiers and their loved ones.”

Fellow philanthropist and meditator, Russell Simmons addressed the packed Urban Zen Center sharing the personal transformation his daily meditation practice has created. “With every moment of happiness comes a moment of stillness when everything in the mind settles. All the happiness and strength we have inside is reachable through this stillness. We owe it to our soldiers to give them this stillness. We owe every soldier that quiet time.”

Several members of our military, from World War Two through Desert Storm, shared their experiences with PTSD and how deeply transforming the practice of meditation has been in their recovery and return home. Some shared that they hungered for normalcy while others told of the relief they experienced from the recall of traumatic moments that triggered symptoms.

Wounds that don’t heal fester and create disease. PTSD is a wound that must be healed. For those interested in hearing more about the launch of Operation Warrior Wellness NYC, please visit the live stream. Please visit Crowdrise to make a donation to heal soldiers through Operation Warrior Wellness NYC.