How Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Transformed My Breast Cancer Story

I have learned from experience that sometimes even one person can step into a situation and provide the care needed that turns everything around. The ripple effect that is created can even transform and contribute to healing the lives of many. In my life, that person will always be Donna Karan.

Her decision to create this amazing Urban Zen Integrative Therapy initiative saved the quality of life of my entire family, and helped to usher us firmly back on a path of sustainable health, well-being and peace. Here is how this program transformed my breast cancer story.

When I detected a tiny breast cancer tumor during a time of unprecedented stress after my son was born, I knew it was cancer. During the diagnostic phase I took the ultrasound wand myself to show the technicians where the tumor that they couldn’t find was. When they told me it was a cyst, I told them it was breast cancer. When they called me to let me know that the pathology had come back positive for cancer, I reassured them that I would be fine.

It wasn’t until I began the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training sometime after that that I realized why I would be fine. During this ground breaking and highly effective training I met a few other breast cancer survivors (who preferred to be called “thrivers”), who like me were embracing the challenge of finding balance and meaning post cancer by redesigning their lives to focus on true self-care while giving back some much needed peace to others navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Offering Urban Zen Integrative Therapy sessions and observing the gratitude and relief on the faces of the people I have worked with, and of course cooking my organic vegetables, setting myself up in a restorative pose while benefiting from an aromatherapy treatment, and renewing my commitment to a daily self-Reiki practice, my understanding of what healing is deepened. My skills quickly carried over to much needed post-cancer family care at home. Truly effective care that allowed everyone to deeply relax. My husband, young son and I were all able to “catch our breath” gain perspective on our experience of having been through cancer, and then we even began to glow with vitality and love as we embraced our own at-home daily restorative practices. Thanks to the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training, we began to emanate hope and peace. I shudder to think of what life with breast cancer would have been like with without the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy initiative.

Thank you Donna!

– Eliza Siegler