Launching the Million Women’s Heart Project

Urban Zen collaborated with Events of the Heart on Wednesday, April 6th to launch the Million Women’s Heart Project — a campaign to raise awareness around heart disease by testing, messaging and collecting one million women’s stories across America with the hope to rewrite the story of women and their hearts.

During the Million Women’s Heart Summit, an event held at the Urban Zen center, an amazing group of women gathered together for a fascinating, informative conversation on the truth about heart disease. The women in attendance were entirely eclectic — famed actresses like Ali Wentworth and Desperate Housewives’ star Brenda Strong, legendary media professionals like Pat Mitchell and Deborah Roberts, expert physicians like Dr. Charlotte Yeh and Dr. Jennifer Mieres, and champions of functional medicine like our very own Donna Karan. These powerful women came together because they believe that amplifying the truth about how heart disease affects women is crucial information.

The team behind the summit believe that women deserve to know and fully absorb the facts — heart disease really is the number one killer of American women. The program for the morning consisted of a variety of impactful ways of driving home this truth. It was through inspired performances, gripping monologues, panel discussions, question and answer periods, break away conversations and even an online twitter party that the conversation about women and heart disease was lit with a fiery passion.

Beyond words, the summit was a profound commitment to action. During the event, guests were invited to get tested by on site health professionals administering the simple, pain-free test. A member of the Urban Zen team, Allison Rapson, took the test and was surprised at both it’s simplicity and it’s effectiveness. With the help of healthcare professional Annemarie Falconer, Allison was able to take the test and walk away with results in just a few minutes. The whole experience spoke to how entirely possible it is for The Million Women’s Heart Project to reach their goal of testing one million women. The ask is simple and the results are concrete and absolutely life saving.

Perhaps the most extraordinary take-away point from the summit, was that everyone of us can easily do something to be a part of the solution. We invite you to read through these suggested commitments to learn how you can help the Million Women’s Heart Project become an enormous success:

1. Make five phone calls or send five emails to your network of friends and family and tell them to visit
2. Text a Test: Text the word “heart” to 48510 to donate a heart screening to another woman
3. Tweet: “Show some luv to your <3. Join The Million Women’s Heart Project #giveheart @eventsofheart”
4. Post a blog to spread awareness about The Million Women’s Heart Project
5. Create a Facebook event to invite others to get screened with you
6. Tell your heart story. Visit:

To learn more about Events of the Heart, the Million Women’s Heart Project and the women behind it all, check out this recent article from The Huffington Post

Photography by Robert Braunfeld