Donna Karan on the TODAY Show

From the heart of the West Village, at Stephan Weiss studio, the Today show filmed Donna Karan speaking about life, love, Urban Zen and the Connecting the Dots exhibition. “Donna Karan honors late husband with art exhibit” aired this morning, Tuesday, Nov. 6, on NBC.

NBC correspondent¬†Kristen Dahlgren¬†described the story of Donna and Stephan Weiss as “a love story cut short, but far from finished.” In so many ways, Stephan was the inspiration for the Urban Zen Foundation, particularly the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program. As Donna Karan shares on the show, right before he passed away, Stephan asked Donna to take care of the nurses.

“So I have mission that I’m on,” Donna says. A mission to bring integrative medicine into hospitals, to treat the patient and not just the disease, and to¬†transform patient care in hospitals, healthcare education in nursing schools, self-care in the home and emergency relief in disasters.

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