Discussing Care and Community at Dr. Mark Hyman’s Book Launch Event

In celebration of Dr. Mark Hyman’s latest book, “The Blood Sugar Solution,” our founder, Donna Karan, opened her home to a community of like-minded people ready to reignite the conversation of putting CARE back into healthcare (a mission of the Urban Zen Foundation and a desperately needed solution in the healthcare field).

Joining Dr. Hyman for this necessary and relevant discussion were two of Urban Zen’s biggest well-being champions – Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Dean Ornish. All three physicians have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of holistic well-being and use their knowledge and passion to encourage individuals to change the way they approach health. As Dr. Ornish shared, “awareness is really the first step in healing.”

This philosophy was a unifying factor for the evening and the purpose behind Dr. Hyman’s new book. It is because of his deep understanding of the diabetes epidemic and its far-reaching impact on the state of this country’s collective health that Dr. Hyman wrote, “The Blood Sugar Solution.” Dr. Hyman believes that what we put at the end of our forks is one of the most important medical decisions we’ll ever make and that making informed decisions about lifestyle matter. Dr. Hyman shared his belief that if we want to change the system, “we have to create health where we live and work and breathe.”

Dr. Oz elaborated on this sentiment saying that one of his personal philosophies within in his practice is to, “make it easy to do the right thing,” as he understands that patients need to feel that great health is within their reach.

Perhaps the biggest take-away from the evening was the power of community. All three doctors talked about how important creating a network of support is (something that they have done within their own professional setting as they’ve been supporting each other for years). This truth is at the heart of Urban Zen Foundation’s mission and something that we will continue to propel forward in everyway we can: community is necessary for change, in all arenas, including health.

We could not be happier to support Dr. Hyman and his new book (which will be available this week). We know that now, more than ever, we need to come together and take a stand for health and well-being. As Donna always says, “at some point we will all be a patient or a loved-one.” Each and every one of us will be impacted by our healthcare system and we are all responsible for what is considered acceptable. We invite you to continue on this journey with us to shift the healthcare paradigm. Explore our UZIT program, learn more about Dr. Hyman, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Ornish and join the Urban Zen community to help us create real, sustainable change. Together we can take care of each other.