Calm in the Chaos

Urban Zen was truly the Calm in the Chaos during Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week brought together the international fashion crowd for the Spring 2010 shows. The flagship store in NYC, newly re-envisioned for the fall, was a celebration of our soul and spirit.

Festivities started on September 10, the first annual Fashion Night Out when retail designers kept doors open to commemorate Fashion Week and welcome shoppers to browse and purchase after hours. For this  night, and the weekend opening of the Beth O’Donnell, Cecilia Rodhe, and Carolyn Roumeguere exhibitions at Urban Zen, visitors were greeted with the scents of lavender, peppermint and Young Living Essential Oil’s exclusive blend, Thieves, soothing music, and raw foods. Guests sat around a Balinese crafted table as Urban Zen Integrative Therapists offered the calming, energy-balancing therapy of Reiki as well as aromatherapy.

Meanwhile, at the American Express skybox American Express Centurion cardholders also experienced the healing hands of the Urban Zen therapists in the AmEx skybox at Bryant Park. Between the runway shows below, guests mingled, experienced the effects of essential oils and the energy work of Reiki. One young guest had received chemotherapy earlier the same day and shared that having these therapies available during treatments would be a great gift to cancer patients.

Our gratitude to the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy students for donating their time and talent to the community.

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