FEBRUARY 9-10, 2009

A team of ten Urban Zen Integrative Therapy volunteers arrived in Sun Valley to offer massage therapy, yoga therapy and aromatherapy to athletes, their families, coaches and medical staff. More than 200 individuals from countries around the world visited the Urban Zen Sanctuary. Dr. Jamie Naughright, Director of the UZIT program, guided her team as Special Olympic athletes and visitors were assisted in basic and restorative poses, breath awareness and meditation in the yoga room. Outside the yoga room, volunteers worked on guests with chair yoga, massage therapy and aromatherapy provided by UZIT sponsor, Young Living Essential Oils. Local volunteers from Hailey Yoga Center assisted as well as those from St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center. Urban Zen Foundation is happy to announce that this Sun Valley hospital has just launched its own integrative therapy program.

“First we saw our UZIT volunteers working at V-Day in New Orleans and we quickly understood how vital integrative therapies can be in a disaster situation,” said Dr. Naughright. “We’ve witnessed the benefits of these healing arts in the care of cancer patients at Beth Israel Medical Center. And now, here at the Special Olympics, it’s clear that sports medicine will also benefit from integrative therapies. As the UZIT programs reach out into the community, it’s become very clear that the potential applications of this program are tremendous.”