Africa Yoga Project

When Paige Elenson, founder of Africa Yoga Project, approached Urban Zen to collaborate with her organization it took all of 2 minutes to say yes, yes, yes! Why? Africa Yoga Project is a grassroots group dedicated to providing disadvantaged youth and women in Kenya access to yoga, we are a grassroots organization dedicated to the benefits of yoga in healthcare; Africa Yoga Project believes in the power of connection and collaboration, we believe in that power; and finally, Africa Yoga Project is all about heart and soul and so are we!

While its primary emphasis is the movement arts like yoga, dance and acrobatics, Africa Yoga Project is concerned with the overall well-being of young people and women in Kenya. Urban Zen Foundation has partnered with Africa Yoga Project and will sell t-shirts made by the youth and women in Kenya in our Urban Zen retail stores, all proceeds of which will be given back to the Africa Yoga Project, dollar for dollar. The funds will provide much needed relief in the form of anti-fly ointment, which keeps deadly flies and insects out of the faces of infants and children. Making a difference, raising awareness and inspiring change.


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