JUNE – Foundation Ambassador


Dr. Frank Andolino


Dr. Frank Andolino, founder of the non-profit Kageno and continual presence at Urban Zen, is on a mission to provide sustainable support to communities in Africa suffering from impoverishment, AIDS, genocide and limited access to healthcare, clean water, and education.  Kageno transforms impoverished communities into places of opportunity and hope – through the development of self-sustaining community directed programs in Education, Health, Ventures (Income Generation), and Environment.  Kageno is currently delivering community development projects in two countries, with over 600 employees and nearly 1000 volunteers and bringing awareness to its vital cause.

This past winter, Urban Zen partnered with Dr. Frank Andolino for Kageno’s Day of Wellness held at Urban Zen. Combining philanthropic initiatives of well-being and preservation of culture, the day’s proceeds benefited Kageno health and educational programs currently serving over 11,000 villagers in Africa. Kageno means “A Place of Hope” in a Kenyan dialect, and we would like to acknowledge Dr. Frank Andolino for bringing just that to the Urban Zen community— hope for the future through humanitarian work and overall compassion for human life.


Kageno | www.kageno.org