GABRIELLE ROTH: 1941 – 2012

How angels come in your life has always been a mystery to me. But, not with Gabrielle… I always knew she was an angel.

Gabrielle was always there for me, as she was for so many people. Her spirit was love. Her life was filled with her passion and creativity, her awareness of the elements, her embodiment of music; she was a vibrant being that radiated light and we all felt it. There was something mystical and magical about the way Gabrielle captured rhythm; she was a teacher beyond teachers.

For me to call Gabrielle a friend meant so much to me. She will always be in my heart and even now – especially now – knowing this fills me with so much love.

I have so many precious memories of Gabrielle: the elegance in the way the way she watched over my husband Stephan, feeling her in my field of energy for every single one of my shows, watching Gabrielle dance in Stephan’s studio, dressing Gabrielle from head to toe, seeing Gabrielle’s style as she walked – the way she flipped her hands and tossed her hair. Gabrielle and I had a lot of fun together. I love thinking about being with her at Parrot Cay… the two of us running wild and free up and down the white, sandy beaches. I will be forever touched by her wisdom, her humor, her yogi mind – these are the things that are still alive, still with me.

Gabrielle embodied everything I believe: her mind, body and spirit, the movement. I always wanted to dance like Gabrielle, have an understanding like Gabrielle, be connected to the spirit like Gabrielle.

I will always miss my friend Gabrielle. My father’s name was Gabriel and my daughter’s name is Gabby. That name means a lot to me; it means family. Gabrielle was amazing with her family and I loved learning from her in this way. Her husband Robert and her son Jonathan were always by her side, always supporting her. Gabrielle and Robert created music together and Jonathan was born into that unique rhythm.

I must say I am a bit jealous that Gabrielle will get to see Stephan before me. But, I am comforted thinking of the two of them together again.

Gabrielle was one of the purest channels of light I’ve ever known. And now, Gabrielle is the light.

Gabrielle – I love you. I miss you. I think of you surrounded in light, liberated and free, healthy and happy, wild and moving, singing and dancing, and held in the warm embrace of all of us who love you.