Fashion Week: An Offering of Inspiration

This week has been big. There’s been a lot going on and it has prompted me to consider things like what is really on my heart, where inspiration comes from and how to keep moving forward.

Whenever Fashion Week arrives, my heart is even more dedicated to the industry. I feel only love and compassion for the design community and the industry that gave me the foundation to find my creative expression and allowed me to share this expression with the world. I have such gratitude. I was born on Fashion Avenue and I’ve been designing since I was 18 years old; it is in my blood! You would think that after a lifetime of designing and showing collections that I wouldn’t get so nervous, but I do. With every collection, I am as nervous as if it were my first time showing. It is very personal for me.

What we put out on the runway for DKNY was, for me, like watching a daughter step into womanhood… there was more assurance, structure and confidence. And, with Donna Karan – I mean, it was my heart! This collection was inspired, entirely, by my husband Stephan and my personal belief in the concept of wo-man; there is a man in every woman, we are interconnected. Typically, I am drawn to “c” words, but this collection was all about the “s.” It was strong, sensual, smart, seductive, sophisticated, spirited, sculpted, structured, suited, shouldered. In short, it was Stephan.

While Stephan is always in my heart and on my mind, he has been at the forefront of my thoughts this past year. At Urban Zen we commemorated the tenth anniversary of his passing with the First Annual Stephan Weiss Apple Awards. Since then, I have been working on creating a book on Stephan’s life and curating a selection of his artwork to showcase in an exhibition this June at the Second Annual Stephan Weiss Apple Awards. Stephan taught me how to connect the dots and this is what my life is about now: finding the thread of connectivity, weaving together an image, a message, a collection that inspires.

The truth about inspiration is that I don’t search for it. The inspiration finds me and then I channel it. Whatever my eyes touch, my feelings touch, my energy touches… it all inspires.

Inspiration is offered to me. My mind never stops being inspired. This is what moves me forward, now and always.