FOOD SOLUTIONS 2011: A GATEWAY TO HEALING Diabesity—Changing the Palate of America’s Children

DATE: Wednesday, May 11th
TIME: 9:30AM-2:30PM
LOCATION: Urban Zen Center
711 Greenwich Street, New York City

Recognizing the role of food in health and healing, Culinary Nutritionist, Stefanie Sacks, M.S. created Food Solutions, a series of integrative culinary nutrition education workshops sponsored by The Palette Fund and taking place at Urban Zen. Stefanie has dedicated her life’s work to creating a conversation between health provider, nutritionist and the consumer’s kitchen.

Sacks, who has recognized the critical role hands-on experiences with food play in shifting eating habits, is collaborating with some of the leading integrative health experts to present two workshops this year that will take each participant from the science to the plate. These events promise to build knowledge and skills, using food preparation and cooking as the centerpiece of education.


A GATEWAY TO HEALING Diabesity—Changing the Palate of America’s Children

Join integrative pediatrician, Stephen Cowan, M.D. with MaryBeth Augustine, R.D. for a heartfelt presentation on one of the most talked about health issues—diabesity. Then explore, through creative hands on cooking and food learning experiences lead by Stefanie Sacks, M.S., the many ways to address this growing concern among our children—an opportunity to literally learn how to change the palate of America’s youth. For lunchtime you will enjoy the fruits of your culinary creations. The day will close with Q&A and panel discussion of medical, nutrition and culinary experts.

Food Solutions, sponsored by The Palette Fund, is a groundbreaking culinary-nutrition event series. Sacks will give you the practical tools to make food lifestyle changes, opening the gateway to healing. We invite you to join us for this inspirational and empowering experience!

A comprehensive workbook with culinary nutrition tools/information and recipes will be provided the day of event.

Food Solutions will be available for viewing through,, and



For more information please call 212.414.8520 or email


9:30-9:45am Welcome and Introduction
9:45-11am Presentation by Integrative Medical Expert
11-11:30am Snack and Stretch/Relaxation with Marcus Eave
11:30am-1:30pm Food in Motion
1:30-2:30pm Q&A/Panel with all experts