A Letter from the Founder




In 2006, I opened the doors to my husband’s studio to welcome His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. As I sat in the audience listening to the urgency of His Holiness’ message to preserve the historical and cultural richness of his homeland, Tibet, something stirred within me. This spark quickly grew to a burning need to share the wisdom and compassion I experienced that day. Urban Zen Foundation was born and with it, my determination to raise awareness and inspire change in the challenges that have always created great passion within me.

The preservation of culture is so important to protect and revive the wisdom of the past to provide solutions to our modern day challenges in mind, body and spirit. Our wellbeing, also from this holistic perspective, must be addressed so that the patient and not only the disease is treated and our lives today can be lived in full richness and potential. And, of course, we must care for our children and empower them with an integrative education that provides not only academics but also self-esteem, compassion and mindfulness so that their future will be brighter than ours.

I have always appreciated the creative force and emotional connection of collaboration. By creating Urban Zen Center, there is a space for like-minded individuals and organizations to connect and communicate with a call to action to create change through collaboration. I am most proud of the community Urban Zen Foundation has gathered and the partners who have joined us in our initiatives. Old friends and new have inspired me and countless others through the programs and events Urban Zen has hosted. Please learn more of our work by visiting the three initiatives within this site.

As a designer, I have taken great pride in the contributions the fashion industry has made for more than three decades with Seventh on Sale, Kids For Kids and Super Saturday. In every challenge, my professional community connected and collaborated to raise awareness and funding to assist in research and patient care. This model of philanthropy and commerce creates enormous empowerment not only within the fashion community, but also with our clients, the consumer, by allowing their purchase power to assist others in need. Urban Zen is currently dedicated to assisting the artisan community of Haiti by creating a sustainable model for commerce that also preserves the rich artistry that resonates in every handcrafted piece. Our three Urban Zen stores dedicate 100% of the profits from the Haitian products to our HOPE HELP & REBUILD HAITI campaign and consistently donate a percentage of total sales to Urban Zen Foundation.

I welcome you to visit this site and learn more about our work. It is my sincerest hope that you too will be inspired and will join our community at Urban Zen. Preserving our past and our cultures, treating the patient and not the disease for greater wellbeing and empowering our children with more than academics will enhance our lives in mind, body and spirit. Again, welcome to Urban Zen. I’m so pleased to welcome you to our mission. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us at info@urbanzen.org.