Clarins Million Meals Concert for the FEED Foundation

Wednesday evening’s Clarins Million Meals Concert for the FEED Foundation at Lincoln Center was truly a collaboration of love, family, purpose and passion, and a testament to what can happen when like minds come together to solve problems.

I was honored to serve on the host committee for the evening, which celebrated the 5th anniversary of Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED Foundation by raising enough money to provide one million school meals. Not only did the event surpass their million meals goal, they did so in a setting that brought together an astounding community of individuals committed to the cause. I was blown away by the evening’s program – from the words of President Clinton, who made a very special appearance for the event, to the musicians who graced the stage including PS22 chorus, John Legend and Natasha Bedingfield, Alan Gilbert and David Aaron Carpenter. The whole thing was mesmerizing.

I wasn’t just the struck by the speeches and performances, I was also deeply moved by the showing of family and friends who gathered to support and celebrate Lauren. It was a vibrant and eclectic group of individuals, unified by a collective consciousness to address a simple problem: feeding children.

On a personal note, I have to say that I am so proud of Lauren. I have known her for years and it has been a privilege to witness her working with such love and compassion to manifest her dreams. Lauren is really doing it; she’s really creating the change that is so necessary in this world today.

I am truly inspired by the FEED Foundation and I send them my heartfelt congratulations for five impressive years dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring change. I will always consider it an honor to share in their journey.