September Community Ambassador – Terrence Meck

Terrence Meck

This month, we honor Terrence Meck, Executive Director of the Palette Fund, as our Community Ambassador for his compassion and dedication to philanthropy. A true inspiration whose beliefs and dedication align with Urban Zen, Terrence has worked closely with Urban Zen this past year on the Food Solutions Series. His involvement with The Palette Fund resonates strongly with Urban Zen and Donna Karan. Ms. Karan founded Urban Zen in response to the health care system she encountered when her Stephan Weiss suffered from cancer. Meck left a career in the hospitality industry when his partner Rand Harlan Skolnick was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer to start and run The Palette Fund. The Palette Fund is a not for profit organization that honors the legacy of Skolnick through collaborative grantmaking and programs that value human rights and education. Both Karan and Meck were inspired by the passing of loved ones to follow a path they truly believed in and make a difference in others’ lives.