Urban Zen Center

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Urban Zen Foundation hosts a multitude of forums that explore our initiatives. By focusing on issues and challenges within education, healthcare and the preservation of culture, though-shpaers, policy-makers, innovators and creative thinkers come together, examine challenges, identify solutions and create calls to action. The Urban Zen Center invites discussion and incubation for like-minded organizations and individuals.
We are dedicated to creating a new model for approaching wellness, education and preservation of cultures.
We start with key issues by identifying what’s missing in healthcare, education and culture.
We find inspiration and wisdom in ancient traditions.
We find solutions by partnering with like-minded practitoners and partners who have the ability to change policy and legislation.
We offer the Urban Zen Center to these like-minded practitioners and partners as a vehicle to raise awareness and inspire change – taking into action these policies by creating a movement for the benefit of these important issues.
With these partners we create and offer a full curated calendar of events, lectures and conferences throughout the year to share this wisdom.

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Urban Zen is a place in a space like the home you desire, where the indoors meets the outdoors, where comfort is everywhere you look and where everything on display here—whether clothing, home furnishings or art—has an artisanal quality about it to highlight the wonder of individuality and the need for community. – DONNA KARAN