2011 UZIT

  • Celebrating the Mothers of our UZIT Program

    In celebration of Mother’s Day we wanted to give a love-filled shout-out to the mother’s of our Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program. In the three years since the launch of the UZIT Program, several of our students have had the incredible experience of learning the benefits of the eastern healing techniques not only for patient… Read more »

  • Supporting Father Rick at NPH Saint Damien’s Hospital, Haiti

    by Janera Soerel Father Rick. He is American—from Connecticut, in his 50s, tall, fit, and very handsome, with neatly trimmed hair. Wearing khaki pants, sneakers, a snugly fitting t-shirt with a leather string tied around his neck, from which a wooden cross dangled, he was polite when we were introduced, but his eyes darted away… Read more »

  • Amazing Grace: A UZIT Experience in Haiti

    by Mae Sakharov My personal journey with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (UZIT) training began in 2008 when I read an article about the program in the New York Times. I was immediately drawn to the cross-disciplinary approach, focusing on self-care and integrating ancient healing techniques to complement the best in modern medicine. Donna Karan,… Read more »

  • UZIT Program 2011 – Closing Weekend

    This weekend, the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Program closed with a palpable sense of thanksgiving and the knowing that “it might have been otherwise.” Students gathered together for a final opportunity to glean wisdom from the now-familiar faces of the UZIT program. Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, Robert Chodo Campbell and Koshin Paley… Read more »

  • Jennifer Owens on Experiencing the UZIT Program

    My Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) experience as a practitioner and patient, simultaneously, has led to deeper understanding of my body and its capabilities and the need for loving-kindness from within. Though short lived, my time as a UZIT student have left me with invaluable knowledge and, because of this, I will be eternally grateful… Read more »

  • UZIT Weekend: Yoga Philosophy with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor

    The tenth weekend of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist program convened this weekend for yoga philosophy with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. Both longtime practitioners of the Ashtanga Yoga system taught by the late Pattabhi Jois, these teachers offered a wealth of knowledge and presence. Each day began with a two-hour physical practice, a vigorous… Read more »

  • The Voice of A UZIT Student: Reflections on the Program

    by Kara Dake, student of the 2011 Urban Zen Intergrative Therapy Program This past weekend at Urban Zen was about the deepening and integration of our skills. We were lucky to have our teachers in all of the modalities – yoga, aromatherapy, meditation, and Reiki – with us to close out the year and prepare… Read more »

  • The Journey of the UZIT Program

    We could not be more excited about the continuing evolution of our Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program. Bringing our program to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has been a synergistic collaboration and represents a huge step forward on our journey toward shifting the healthcare paradigm. We invite you to watch this video and learn… Read more »


    Essential Oil therapy is the inhalation and topical application of essential oils. Pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are extracted from many parts of the aromatic plants including the flower, leaf, resin, bark, root, twig, seed, berry and rind. Often referred to as “nature’s living energy,” essential oils not only determine the plant’s aroma, but are vital… Read more »


    The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program and Young Living Essential Oils require 50 hours of integrative essential oil therapy training. Offering very basic levels of instruction, this curriculum will allow you to safely and effectively use essential oils to enhance your quality of life, to support the quality of patient care-giving practices and to incorporate… Read more »